Outside the Comfort Zone | KrystiEncounters

Perhaps one of the greatest things that I've learned this year is to love and embrace myself. Along with starting a whole new blog and stepping away from my old platform into this new one, I chopped off most of my hair! I had about shoulder length hair then cut it down to a really … Continue reading Outside the Comfort Zone | KrystiEncounters



Come visit the new space!   I started a new blog on a new platform.  It's still same old me, just a new website!  Come and say "hi!"  

Just A Heads Up.

I'll be moving my blog over to Wix.com in the following weeks.  I hope you'll come visit me there! I needed a new space to create and grow with me, and I felt that Wix offered me a little more flexibility and creativity.  It will also be able to grow with me a little more … Continue reading Just A Heads Up.

Thankful | 2017 Thanksgiving | KrystiEncounters

Happy Thanksgiving, loves!   I'm grateful for what 2017 has brought so far, and I can't wait for what next year has in stock! This year was a lot about me learning and growing into... myself?  There was a lot of self discovery and building myself up.  Learning to be positive and confident in myself; … Continue reading Thankful | 2017 Thanksgiving | KrystiEncounters

Your Pet’s Health Is IMPORTANT| Sponsored|KrystiEncounters

Sora and Hikari play such a huge role in my life, and I want them to grow and live long, healthy lives.  They recently made 1 years old and I thought it was time to start helping them continue to live healthy. As humans, we take daily vitamins and supplements, so why not also give … Continue reading Your Pet’s Health Is IMPORTANT| Sponsored|KrystiEncounters

Teeth Whitening | Reviews.com | KrystiEncounters

An easy to navigate site for reviews on just about anything!

Styled! By Trendage | KrystiEncounters | AD

OH MY GOODNESS.  Since I've come back from Disney World almost a week ago, I've been SO FRICKEN SICK! [Mini Rant Over] With the extra time on my hands since coming home and being sick, I've finally gotten around to spend time with a new app.  It's currently only available for iOS; so my android … Continue reading Styled! By Trendage | KrystiEncounters | AD